Koala Flex

Cancel for any reason

Cancel for any reason

Generate additional revenue while offering the ultimate flexibility to your customers

They are convinced

Generate additional revenue

This product provides 40€ per booking on average.

Offer flexibility to your customers

Bring back confidence in booking by making all your tickets flexible.

Make the difference

Offer an exclusive product to your customers and remove the frustrations of cancellation.

How it works

1. Your client cancels his trip

Without proof to provide, informing you will be the only customer obligation.

2. Koala receives the information

Informing Koala takes seconds via API and we have automated fraud detection.

3. Refund is made instantly

Refund can be made directly by Koala or by you (in cash or in voucher).

Why Koala Flex?

Implement the ultimate flexibility for your customers

Based on your needs, we build your unique “Cancel for any reason” product. This product is fully customizable: you can choose the refund amount, the type of refund and also the period of use.

Adaptable to any type of booking

Flights, hotels, ferries, whatever the type of trip or the profile of your travelers, Koala Flex offers real flexibility at a competitive price.

100% automated

Once the solution is integrated, we handle all the claim management for you. You can now focus on your core business.

Your customer will receive their refund within 3 days into their bank account, without the need to contact customer service.

Flexible & fast integration

The product can be integrated into your ecosystem in less than a week for free.

We help you with designing an optimized interface to obtain the best conversion rate. All in line with your brand image.

What is covered

Our product Koala Flex is designed to offer the best flexibility to travelers. Your customer can cancel even in the following cases:

No more willingness to travel

Covid-19 positive

Bad weather conditions

Unforeseen event

Sick travelers

And any other reasons

They are convinced

What our customers are saying


Perfect, fast and concise

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Very responsive and attentive

Very responsive and attentive.
I got my refund in the blink of an eye! Thank you for your service.
I recommend Koala 🐨 😀

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Very fast and efficient

Very fast and efficient! And pleasant too! What could be better?

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