Koala Trip Disruption

Instant compensation in case of trip disruption

Instant compensation in case of trip disruption

Generate additional revenue while protecting your customers from unexpected transport delays or cancellations.

They are convinced

Generate additional revenue

This product provides €25 per booking on average.

Offer peace of mind

No proof is required in case of unexpected transport disruptions. Your customer can travel without stress.

Remove frustration

Delight your customers with our proactive service. Thanks to real-time transport tracking, refunds are made instantly.

How it works

1. Your client have a trip disruption

Flights, trains, bus delayed or cancelled.

2. We track the transport in real-time

Thanks to our technology, we can be proactive with your customer.

3. Compensation is sent instantly

The compensation can be sent directly by Koala or by you (in cash or in voucher).

Why Koala Trip Disruption ?

Why Koala
Trip Disruption ?

A fully customisable product

Based on your needs, we build your unique “Trip Disruption” product. This product is fully customizable: you can define the type of disruption, the delay time and the amount of compensation.

Flights, trains, buses, ferries, Koala Trip Disruption is adaptable to any type of transport.

An automated & proactive product

By tracking changes in transport status, we can notify customers in real-time.

Your customer receives their compensation instantly into their bank account, without the need to contact your customer service.

Delighted travellers

We have one goal: to ensure that 100% of eligible customers are compensated.

Our big plus: no proof is needed to obtain compensation.

Flexible & fast integration

The product can be integrated into your ecosystem in less than a week for free.

The product can be easily implemented in your ecosystem while fitting your brand image.

What is covered

Our products are designed to offer the best protection to travelers. We will protect your customers even in case of :

Bad weather conditions


Traffic restrictions

Technical problem with the vehicle

Impact on the vehicle

Problem with the crew

They are convinced

What our customers are saying


Perfect, fast and concise

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Very responsive and attentive

Very responsive and attentive.
I got my refund in the blink of an eye! Thank you for your service.
I recommend Koala 🐨 😀

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Very fast and efficient

Very fast and efficient! And pleasant too! What could be better?

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